Why VITANOVA Homeopathic Clinics?

VITANOVA Homeopathic Clinics takes the science of homeopathy to the next level by combining knowledge of modern day science of Genetics, Proteomics (study of effect of proteins on living organisms) and other Holistic sciences.

At VITANOVA Clinics in India, we and our team of MD doctors have been successfully treating patients after studying the behavior and expression of genes in each individual case.

At VITANOVA Clinics, the patient's history helps the Doctor to understand the individual's genetic expression on Psyche-Brain-Organ. After this, the remedy carefully chosen with the help of latest techniques in Homeopathy stimulates the body to repair itself. Repair done in such a manner will target the genes of each and every cell of the body and the person as a whole is stimulated to heal which means that repair takes place at level of mind, body and spirit.

Our treatment module incorporates a unique 'Patient Empowerment Program' that educates the patients about the nature of their disease and the systematic progress of their condition towards restoration of health. It is interesting to note that many of our patients experience this repair mechanism at a level above repairing of body and mind. They see its positive effects in their academics, personal and professional life too. It is thus a renaissance, with Homeopathy as the means, where Science meets Spirituality!