This is the case of a 60 year old lady who first visited us in 2017, with the diagnosis of Palmar Plantar Psoriasis since 12 years. She visited us as she was finding it extremely difficult to walk as a result of the pain in her soles.



During the case taking, we went through every little detail with regards to onset and spread of disease, the physical signs and the mental make up of the patient. We did not find anything marked as to the emotional cause of the ailment or pertaining to the onset of her symptoms. She was the eldest sibling in the family and was a very responsible child while growing up, extremely diligent with regards to her studies. After marriage she had moved to Kuwait and was working as the purchase manager. She had recently moved to Goa as her husband was suffering from Parkinson’s, and therefore had spent her days looking after him. Despite the pain in her soles, she continued taking care of him without any complaints. Physically she had extreme tolerance to cold and had minimal thirst for water. On receiving the case, we realized we had to look for a remedy that had a tendency towards such lesions as well as one that fitted into her diligent and responsible nature.


A single dose of the remedy was prescribed and the patient was instructed to only use coconut oil or vaseline to keep the lesion moist. All other lotions/creams/ ointments were instructed to be stopped. We have had regular follow ups over a period of a year and she has shown immense improvement in her skin lesions.