A 19 year student from one of India’s prestigious engineering colleges visited us at the clinic in the month of dec 2017 with complaints of patchy hair loss. Having watched his hair come out in patches earlier, he wasn’t too alarmed and presumed it was the usual, probably because of some of the products he was using. This time however, he noticed a clear pattern to the baldness and absence of even follicles. This worried him and his family, and he came to us. Before we started asking him questions, we explained to the patient that we would need to go through a detailed case study. Based on the information, we’d arrive at a single dose of homeopathic medication which would be prescribed. The boy was incredulous especially since this had been a persistent problem over two years.



As we began our case study, we noticed how quiet the boy was, answering questions only to the point and never obliging us more. Given his performance at college, he seemed to be an extremely studious kid, always securing a rank among the top 2 in his class. He had secured a very high score in his 12th std examination and secured admission into a very prestigious engineering college in Goa. “Doctor I am not interested much in sports, prefer studying”, he said. This was unusual for a young boy of that age. He also shared that he had very few friends, wasn’t much into any physical activity. Closely observing the boy made it very obvious that he was an introvert, looking down, quite shy. Another thing we noticed was his continuous smiling countenance, and a very amiable disposition.


Taking this into consideration and based on what he’d told us regarding no one in the family having similar symptoms, we prescribed a single dose of homeopathic medicine. He was told to visit us after 3 months since vacations had him going back to his village. After 3 months, he came to us really happy with a full head of hair. The boy is currently advised to see if there’s a relapse of the bald patches.